Monday, January 16, 2006

Moore of the Same

Over at, I take a look at DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore. Great stuff for any self-respecting DC fan.

It's a good thing the Steelers beat Indy Sunday, cuz dey wuz robbed. This was not a good weekend for NFL officiating. I'm a Denver Broncos fan, and even I felt empty after the Broncos first score against the New England Patriots was by way of a gift-wrapped pass interference call. What's discouraging is seeing these instances all occurring around the same time when team seasons are on the line. The NFL and the fans deserve better.


Anonymous Bruce said...

The same damn thing happens in basketball. I've seen refs make bad or non calls, and then walk over to the coach to acknowledge that yes, the refs screwed up. And no, they don't reverse the call.

Yes, refs are human and therefore get easily caught up in the game, and miss things, and makes mistakes, but the number one credo of the ref is "Excite me".

So, Kobe Bryant goes in for an exciting 360 jam, and Bryant has the ref's attention. Anybody who interferes with an exciting Kobe jam gets a foul. Joe Blow Nobody runs down the paint, gets hit, slapped, knocked around several times by three players, misses the layup, no foul...

"Excite me," says the ref.

11:30 AM  
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