Friday, January 12, 2007

Not like it was a contest...

...but it would appear more than ever -- as the Commander-In-Chimp gets this country ready for its biggest failure yet -- that Keith Olbermann is absolutely BURYING Bill O'Reilly in terms of thoughtful, truthful, well-spoken commentary. Olbermann is an absolute revelation as we (the ones with brains, that is) know all too well that the news being dominated by the "liberal media" is a myth (click the images for more).

Got new material o'er yonder at Newsarama. Click on the images for the stories.

As 2006 wound down, the SUPER ARTICULATE team pondered the idea of what's been the definitive version of the most well-known superheroes in action figure form...

My first reviews of 2007 are of the latest offerings from Los Bros Hernandez. Almost a dozen pages of reader feedback, practically a record for the BEST SHOTS team, and not one post was about the brilliant books I covered...


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