Monday, January 07, 2008

Good for something once in a while...

The Chicago Sun-Times went and did the unthinkable -- at least unthinkable these days in regards to the mainstrean media -- and published TWO very important editorials on the same day.

In anticipation of a visit President Bush is making to the Windy City today to stroke himself on another failed piece of domestic policy, the Sun-Times takes him to task on the children left behind.

And rather than discuss the obvious shortcomings of NCAA football and their maddening inability to produce a genuine national champion on an annual basis, Jay Mariotti details how the BCS Championship's host city is a far cry from being truly hospitable.

Mandatory reading all around.

Speaking of "mandatory reading"...
Anyone catch Teen Titans: Year One #1 this week?
Click the image for some analysis.

Happy 2008, and I hope "CHANGE" is a buzzword this year with some legs to it.


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