Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Championships NEVERMORE??

So at what point is it okay for an All Star-caliber talent to join the Chicago Bulls in hopes of reaching and winning the NBA Finals?

There is no doubt whatsoever that the United Center is the “House that Jordan built,” but is the fact that Michael Jordan led the Bulls to six world titles mean that no one is EVER supposed to aspire to any sort of playoff success with them ever again?

It seems to me that if that is supposed to be the case, then the Boston Celtics had no business winning championships with Larry Bird in the 1980s, or piecing together a veteran lineup that’s already won a championship and two years later is poised to do it again (this time surprising a lot of people who saw a team in decline the better part of the regular season) after Bill Russell led his team to ELEVEN TITLES.

A month from now we will know what LeBron James decides to do (and should he opt for signing with the New York Knicks, it will be apparent to many following this story that James favors marketability and hype over championships and substance), but if Chicago’s franchise is a destination that he should avoid for no other reason than the idea of playing in the shadow of Jordan’s statue and banners, well, maybe they should just retire the Windy City’s franchise altogether. There's a big difference between being a franchise with a winning tradition and a team that happened to have the greatest player ever. If the Bulls want to consider themselves the former, signing King James would be a major first step, no slight to Derrick Rose.


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