Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Thanks for playing

There wasn't anything that I took from the August 21, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times article on accused murderer Jeanette Sliwinski that made me any more sympathetic to her plight. I missed the weekend article inititally, but I got it today, thanks to catching Times columnist Richard Roeper's Aug. 24th piece making me aware. I totally agree, by the way, that the increasingly loathsome media places too much of an emphasis on the plight of the pretty. Say the hopeless waste of space who committed this crime was a young lady more reminiscent of Jean Teasdale, would the media have had as much to do with this story. It should be wrenching enough that ANYONE took three vital and beloved gentlemen in their prime due to a truly selfish act, but the press is a lot more inclined to give this attention, mainly because they what to know why such a stereotypically attractive gal could commit such a heinous crime.

What I am dreading is the prospect of some well-payed attorneys getting a forum to suggest to a jury that these 3 counts of murder were preventable because someone else was not held accountable. One can't help but speculate that going off the not guilty plea submitted.

But because I don't want to make this all about HER, I offer this space now to the fine individuals who are no longer with us on Earth, but in our hearts forever:

  • Douglas Meis

  • John Glick

  • Michael Dahlquist

  • Also, I must add that the Dials turned in an OUTSTANDING return engagement at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, August 20th. It couldn't have been easy for anyone involved, but they cranked out a performance that has me confident that they can kick the jams going forward. Lord knows they'd be forgiven all the time in the world to regroup considering the circumstances. The lovely Rebecca Crawford was hit particularly hard by this tragedy, and she rocked it like a champ. Cheers and God bless, ladies.


    Blogger twinkle twinkle said...

    Like we said when this happened. It makes you realize how precious life is. And how stupid people are.

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