Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fluff Piece...

I'm not going to profess to have the slightest fucking clue about Harriet Miers, but The Chimp doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when hiring personal associates now, does he? If it was within the parameters of his job description, I wouldn't put it past Bush to appoint Rafael Palmiero as commissioner of Major League Baseball.

In this week's Best Shots @ Newsarama.com, I covered JLA #119, Adventures of Superman #644, Batman #645, and Superman/Batman #22. I personally had a lot of fun with the latest story arc in JLA, because it brought back the better part of the League that I hold near and dear to my heart, from Justice League of America #200. Superman/Batman has been pretty bananas too. The World's Finest team has been hunted down by a superteam from a parallel universe that's intentionally supposed to be a dead ringer for Marvel Comics' Avengers. The two heroes have been all over the place, and for some nutty unexplained reason the story involves Bizarro and his new partner Batzarro. It's been some loopy shit, to be sure. And then on top of that when the "World's Worst" team uses the JLA's transporters to follow Superman and Batman, one ends up confronting the Elseworlds Superman from RED SON, while the other meets up with the Caped Crusader from Batman Beyond. That last one is especially significant as that animated version of Batman has never been integrated into the DC comic book world. Not sure how far they plan on taking that, but we'll see.


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