Monday, August 29, 2005

"You Know You Want It"???

So this week, my lead contribution to Newsarama's BEST SHOTS reviews is Adventures of Superman #643. Greg Rucka & Co. have been doing a great job with Superman in this book, and a lot of heavy shit's been going down between DC's "Big Three": Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman. Make no mistake about it, these a not the same cheery folks from Superfriends all those years ago. Basically none of them trust each other right now. Superman was brainwashed into kicking Batman's ass, Batman is heavily responsible for rogue technology that is running rampant all over the world, and Wonder Woman resorted to killing the person responsible for brainwashing Superman in the first place. For the most part, it's been good stuff.

What hasn't been good stuff is Rob Liefeld's current contribution to Teen Titans. My God, I didn't know that it was possible for an artist this popular to be so fucking awful. For all the complaints (some valid) you can find online against the likes of Michael Turner, Ian Churchill, Tony Daniel or Jim Lee, none of them even come close to matching the sheer horrendousness that Liefeld is churning out right now. The bad news ( and I use that term loosely) is that because I did not buy Teen Titans #27, I do not have the page by page evidence to show you here as to how pathetic the artwork is. I was able to find a couple of pieces online.

There's this little gem:

So besides the fact that Rob can't do a proper bowling stance, we're to believe that when the Titans get together to bowl in the comforts of their own headquaters while taking a break from work that they do so in full costume with the masks on??? George Perez would be so ashamed.

Here, where Liefeld by the way comes up with his own original take on Robin's costume, he is so incapable of producing distinguishing features in his male characters that his Robin, a boy no older than 16, could easily pass as former Robin Dick Grayson, known to all now as Nightwing, a man in his early to mid-20s.

I also like how Liefeld has little to no penchant for backgrounds (there are tons of pages in their entirety where there are no fucking backgrounds), but also you gotta love the way he makes the women as imposing as the men. We're supposed to believe that these ladies, the new Hawk & Dove, are around 20, 21, maybe??? Nice, Rob. Hawk here has legs as meaty as Nightwing's -- I mean ROBIN'S!

Where to even begin with this piece of shit?

In a Rob Liefeld universe, everyone talks like they just had their wisdom teeth pulled. For a guy who reportedly worships at the alter of Perez and his classic work on New Teen Titans, he clearly never spent a day in his life practicing how to draw varied facial expressions.
And then there's or Wonder Girl in the foreground. Believe it or not, Cassie Sandsmark there is 15 years old. You wouldn't know that by the six-pack she's got on her that looks like it should belong to Superman. Plus of course she's how ample here? Is she up to a D-cup, or is she a high C? For every page of horseshit we get in this one issue of Teen Titans there are at least a dozen artists in the business who could easily illustrate a proper Wonder girl who is clearly distinctive from her older mentor, Wonder Woman.

I mean, the guy can clearly do man titties:

The cover to this issue read "You Know You Want It." Is that supposed to be some kind of fucking joke??? How does this guy have a following??? I keep reading how there are comic book readers that are still ga-ga for his shit! All of the sudden Liefeld's got me acting like some sort of art instructor, something I am not comforatble with. But on top of all of these style errors that run rampant through the book, the overall art production, even if it was more compostionally correct, is still sloppy-ass as all get-up. The art would've been laughable at best if a competent inker was brought in to reign in some of this, but the suckiness was 100% Liefeld. No one assisted on this, I'm afraid.
Here's a book that's easily in my personal Top Five, especially when Geoff Johns writing was accompanied by Mike McKone's art. The good news is that this stuff Liefeld's doing on Titans is only 2 issues. Johns isn't even writing this 2-parter getting the break to focus on other projects, but the otherwise talented Gail Simone, in a fill-in spot, is saddled with the most amateurish excuse for comic book art, and something this bad could set the title back in a big way. I'm taking two issues off of this book and getting back on by #29, but I might very well drop the next DC book that they feel is worthy of Rob Liefeld's services. I mean, if THEY don't care about the book, why should I?


Blogger Bill said...

Dude I see what you mean. From his art it looks like he only knows one way to draw super hero's, and he can't change. And because in the past all super hero's were adults, he only knows how to draw adult superhero's. Thus the overly meat legs, and ultra defined muscles and everyone. It is almost grotesque how musculer these supposed teenagers are. I agree with you completely.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Hey you seem like a comic book savvy person. Do you know of any works where Wes Abbot was the artist. I believe I heard the name before, but I wasn't sure where.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Actually asked asked about Wes Abbott because of Coheed and Cambria. I am a big fan of their music. The most interesting thing about this band is that their lead singer, Claudio Sanchez, is sort of using the band to jumpstart his comic. The first to issues were released with art done by Mr Abbott. But they recently aquired a new artist whose name slips my mind at the moment but ill check it out and get back to you. Anyway all of the songs sort of act as a theme or describe certain parts in the story. The most curious thing is that Claudio is pulling a George Lucas in that the albums are not released in the order of the story. He is also very tight lipped about the story and likes to see the speculations of the fans. Its a pretty cool story and if you check out their website or one of their fansites ( my favorite is you can see some of the speculations that fans have come up with. Actually they are releasing a new album on Septemberr 20th, but on the same day they are also releasing a 118 page graphic novel, with art by this new artist. Sorry I went fanatic for a sec,but I find it interesting how the songs, story, and comic book all tie together. But Wes Abbott is not part of the band, he was just the artist for the first two issues (which are also not in order I believe). Anyway I will check out your comic book review site, and if you don't mind I would like to link to your blog. Thanks for getting back to me!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Prince Agraxor said...

I'm somewhat pleased someone else realised that it was Nightwing back in his old duds for this issue.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

"My God, I didn't know that it was possible for an artist this popular to be so fucking awful."

Quick! Somebody call Al Milgrom!

2:44 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Al Milgrom may be a sucky artist, but he's a versatile and talented inker. Rob Liefeld has pretty much nothing going in his favor. In fact, I'm pretty sure Rob Liefeld died several years ago and somebody's just been cutting and pasting a lot of his old art into "new" panels.

12:55 AM  
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