Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Junket Food

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you can't pick up a magazine without running into articles and features on the same people over and over? The stars were in alignment this week fo' sho,' and there was product to push. The good news is that it's mostly quality material, or at least product from dependable names.

I did pick up the new CD release from Cat Power, The Greatest, a relatively upbeat recording from the notoriously gun shy indie goddess.

On the docket are new releases from Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis...

Beth Orton...

To this day, I will swear that "She Cries Your Name," from Trailer Park is one of the most amazing, hauntingly beautiful songs I've ever heard. That opening violin will immediately take me to Seattle in 1995 anytime I hear it.

Of course you can't read an issue of SPIN without knowing what The Strokes are up to.

I don't necessarily hate the band, and should I get an opportunity to see them at a cozy venue, I'd be into it. But something about the way the media really force-fed them as the saviors of rock without them ever nailing even one song that had everyone at attention has always kept me off their bandwagon.

But of all the various stories I ran across in the last 8 days, this one leads the pack, and it was anything BUT business promotion...

Let's do a count on the magazines that came out this week alone that had some angle on various controversies that have plagued the leading alt-porn site since 2005 and before that:
  • SPIN

  • JANE magazine

  • BUST

  • GQ magazine

  • Did I miss any? I've made a lot of great friends and connections as an SG member since 2003, but I won't hide my disappointment in the stories I've read about the company, even before these stories broke in the mainstream press. Not much different than if you read disparaging articles about the company you work for. I'll go to bat over what I do have control over on that site, mine own user profile, etc., but there's been a Big Brother specter looming over the site for the last year or two now, and it's finally come to a head. I'm just waiting for TIME magazine to cover this.


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