Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Detroit Rock Pity

With the promise of a Super Bowl for Detroit and Ford Field comes the equal promise of a sports media blitz that will be teeing off on this once- and still-great city. It stands to reason that a lot of spoiled and lazy journalists will ride in on their high horses and declare that the Motor City, as a Super Bowl venue is no Miami, no San Diego, and certainly no New Orleans (though now that's a good thing, right?). Fortunately the coverage is not all that bad so far. Thomas George of the Denver Post writes from experience as a former Detroit resident in the 1980s, and Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times tells it like it is: The Lions played ball, built a stadium that can host a Super Bowl, and there you go. Make no mistake about it, Detroit is war torn, but not hopeless. It is a work in progress.

And then there's the cubic ton of press we're seeing about The Bus, Jerome Bettis. You heard that he's from Detroit, right?? Totally true!!!

Oh, and the Seattle Seahawks happen to be playing in their first Super Bowl.


Anonymous Bruce said...

If 7000 Dying Rats ain't the halftime show I'm boycotting the Super Bowl...And Toney better flash a little sack...

2:43 PM  

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