Wednesday, November 30, 2005

He Ain't Lion, They Suck!

I don't know what was more likely to make my delicious Thanksgiving dinner come up abruptly: Mariah Carey's halftime performance at Ford Field in Detroit, or that 27-7 atrocity laid on by the Lions that got their head coach, Steve Mariucci, fired. Wow, that team is lousy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Boys N the Hood

The latest contribution to Best Shots @ is up and at 'em. One of the more hot debates right now over in the DC Universe is the apparent resurrection of Jason Todd, a.k.a. "Robin II". The funniest thing, to me, in this debate, is how some of the original voters who back in 1988 called in a 1-900 number to kill off Batman's oft-maligned sidekick are now crying foul because they claim that their vote didn't mean anything. Balderdash, I say. For starters, their vote did get the desired effect, but last I saw, it's like 17 years later, and I'd argue that the comic book superhero statute of limitations has more than expired. Shoot, we're seeing that right now with Infinite Crisis. Scores of writers, artists & editors have come and gone since the one event that made Jason Todd as close to a household name as he'll ever get, and if some newer creators have some interesting ideas in bringing the dead Robin back to life, bring it on. They're only comic books about heroes and villains in costumes, folks.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Note to Terrell Owens:

You are not bigger than the NFL. You are not bigger than the Philadelphia Eagles. And now you're out. Dumbass.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Uhh, Pretty Bird??

Lord knows Frank Miller has clearly decided to go in a pretty far out direct with the DC Universe cast with ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN THE BOY WONDER. Then they released a preview this week to a variant cover for issue #3:


Black Canary is one of DC Comics' most longstanding female heroes. In the JLA, she's second only to Wonder Woman. While she's always been portrayed as a hottie of stratospheric proportions, I can't help but speculate that Miller is going to paint Black Canary in a most unflattering light (words like "ridiculous" and "embarrassing" also come to mind). He hasn't exactly made out Batman to be the picture of nobility now, has he? I consider myself to be one of the more openminded comic book readers out there (I'm amazed almost daily how prudish and conservative a large contigency of the readership is these days -- the creators can always be expected to be liberal in general, while their faithful readers oftentimes act the opposite), but I can't see any good coming from this other than Miller continuing to put a SIN CITY-style imprint on this maddeningly popular retelling of the Batman and Robin legend.

Though I have the feeling that I would've been a lot less leery of this had the overall art execution been better. I love a lot of Frank Miller's art, but his attempts at the mainstream superhero characters he made infamous over 20 years ago have been hit or miss at best since DK2. Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson, Frank Cho, or even Kevin Maguire could've made this same Miller illustration truly something that would've split the Internet in half.

Now THIS is a Black Canary I can appreciate (thanks to Brian Bolland).