Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So Long, 2005!

Probably the last post of the year, what with vacationing I got lined up. Despite the Bush administration's continued assault on diversity, progessive thought & education, and civil liberites, the opposition has been fairly up to the task of preventing the bad guys' success. I think 2006 could be amazing, especially this time next year if the positive efforts keep up.

I got what figures to be my last solid contribution to Best Shots @ Newsarama.com for the year where I covered Green Arrow #57, and Aquaman #37. But the highlight had to be what was featured in Teen Titans #30, the return of Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew!! Great stuff, thanks to Geoff Johns and Scott Shaw!

Tune in to the December 26th edition of BEST SHOTS, though, because I will be offering my take on Infinite Crisis #3. Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


About friggin' time, folks! Chicago has joined the land of the living and passed a smoking ban. Of course it wouldn't be the Windy City if it wasn't done in a compromised, bullshit, half-assed, palms greased
sort of manner. Seriously, I would LOVE to see how many bars actually attempt over the next THREE YEARS to make their establishments the types of places where smoking is okay while maintaining quality air.

I've been to one downtown bar on multiple occasions over the last few weeks (don't wanna divulge the name), and they are small, on the seedy side, while still being a decent venue for local live music. I had an occasion to talk to the manager of the bar when I was preparing for a big get-together there. He couldn't have been more excited for the prospect of a smoking ban, and his customer base is majority smokers! I mean, this is the type of place you go if you LIKE to smoke, and he was done with it. I have the feeling that if he was of that opinion, a lot of other prominent places are ready to make way for cleaner clothes and fresher air.

Maybe it was because this time a year ago I was roommates with a full-time smoker, so I was used to it, but I personally CANNOT STAND how my girlfriend and I smell after virtually every single live show we attend. Without fail, the clothes come off immediately when we get home, no different than if we were caught in the rain or exposed to weapons-grade plutonium. It's officially gotten ridiculous. And while I have defended smokers rights in the past because last I heard it was still LEGAL, let's not kid ourselves, THEY are not making ANYONE healthier with their habit, yet they clearly set the tone at virtually every drinking and live music establishment to their terms. All of the sudden the term "Take back the night" takes on a whole new relevance thanks to this smoking ban. They just need to get a move on. Healthy lungs don't grow on trees, you know.