Friday, January 25, 2008

Dear WIZARD Magazine...

I know as a company you are a sinking ship rivaling the Titanic, but profiting off the death of Heath Ledger???
The week he passes away??
This is low, even for YOU!

May God have mercy on your soul, WIZARD, because I know Keith Olbermann wouldn't.

Rev. O.J. Flow

Monday, January 07, 2008

Good for something once in a while...

The Chicago Sun-Times went and did the unthinkable -- at least unthinkable these days in regards to the mainstrean media -- and published TWO very important editorials on the same day.

In anticipation of a visit President Bush is making to the Windy City today to stroke himself on another failed piece of domestic policy, the Sun-Times takes him to task on the children left behind.

And rather than discuss the obvious shortcomings of NCAA football and their maddening inability to produce a genuine national champion on an annual basis, Jay Mariotti details how the BCS Championship's host city is a far cry from being truly hospitable.

Mandatory reading all around.

Speaking of "mandatory reading"...
Anyone catch Teen Titans: Year One #1 this week?
Click the image for some analysis.

Happy 2008, and I hope "CHANGE" is a buzzword this year with some legs to it.