Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Masterpiece

If you find yourself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between now and August 13th, I must insist that you visit the Masters of American Comics exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Anyone who has an appreciation for sequential art will love this for the exhibit's professionalism, depth, variety, and all around beauty. It's definitely for those with educated tastes, and hardly for the kiddie set. Fans of Jack Kirby, Winsor McKay, R. Crumb, E.C. Segar, Milton Caniff, and Charles Schultz will be in Heaven with this presentation, and there's so much more.

Plan your trip now!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again...

If Rick Santorum couldn't hang on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, how did Bill Bennett think he was gonna fare any better??

Over forty years ago we had George Wallace, now America has guys like Sen. Sam Brownback and Wayne Allard. A rich history of intolerance continues...